Shri Swami Kewal Das Ji Maharaj

On 15h March 1966, Shri Swami Kewal Dass ji Maharaj came to this place after leaving his home and took the responsibility of Dham with the blessings of his Guru Swami Charan Dass ji, who gave you first “Peela Bana” and after two years you got “Bhagwa Bana” as well as diksha from your Gurudev ji. You contributed 26 years of your life in the service of this Dham and your Gurudev ji. You did your duties with full responsibility and sincerity. You completely dedicated yourself to Gurudev ji.

In 1982, with the blessings of your Gurudev you became the first General Secretary of the Trust. In your era, yearly events and two “Ekotarian” were celebrated in this Dham. Shri Ratan Sagar’s Bani was got printed twice by you. You tried to do work yourself. You were the true inspiration for the sangat and many new people became followers of Satguru Bhuriwale ji. On 23rd May, 1990, you sacrificed your life in the name of your Gurudev ji and left this world. All followers of this Dham carry your sweet memories in their hearts.