Shri Satguru Garib Das International Research Institute is located at Shri Ram Pur Dham, P.O. Kalwan, Teh. Anandpur Sahib, Distt. Ropar (Punjab-140117). Established in 2004 by Pujya Swami Darshan Dass Ji Maharaj, President of Braham Sagar Sant Charan Trust (Regd.). This institute is working on life and bani of Shri Satguru Garib Das ji. All the research scholars/ saints/ followers, who are interested to do work in this field can contact the Director of this Institute. We may add here that all possible help shall be extended to such persons at this Institute.

Our trust wish that the study of the writings of Sant Garib Das ji should be taken up as seriously as those of Sant Kabir ji and Guru Nanak Dev ji. The studies of writings of Garib Das are bound to have a regenerating influence on the future if they are properly presented to the younger generation. For this purpose, the trust has now setup this Research centre at Sri Ram Pur Dham.

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Maharaj Darshan Dass Ji

President of the Institute

In year 1982, Swami Charan Das Brahamchari formed a Trust named ”Braham Sagar Sant Charan Trust (Regd.)” at birth place of Satguru Bhuriwale and transferred the property of this Dham to the Trust. On 18 February 2004, foundation stone of Satguru Avtar Sthan Ram Pur Dham was laid. The construction was completed within one year and the Akhand Jyoti was lit on 10th May 2005. Pujay Swami Darshan Das ji got total responsibility of Ram Pur Dham trust in May 2006 after the demise of his Gurudev ji. At present as successor of his Gurudev ji, he is looking after all work at Ram Pur Dham.

Pujay Swami Darshan Das ji President of Braham Sagar Sant Charn Trust, Sri Ram Pur Dham has got printed Amrit Mayi Bani of Shri Satguru Garib Das ji in 1998 in the form of “Shri Granth Sahib”. In order to promote the teachings of Shri Satguru Garib Das ji, the said trust developed website in the name of “”. Further the live telecast of Sangeet mayi Nitnem program on internet was started which is going on successfully. Now in 2013 on the initiative of Pujay Swami Darshan Das ji the work of digitalization of Shri Satguru Garib Das ji bani was got done which is now available at our site.

Ashish Kumar Pandey

Director of the Institute

Dr. Ashish Kumar Pandey, who is a Philosopher by profession has been designated as Director of the institute. He is Ph.D. in Philosophy from Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith University, Varanasi and also written 11 books on philosophy.

Presently he is working on Sri Sataguru Garibadas ji ki bani "Shri Sataguru Granth Sahib".

Thought of the Day

मुख से नाम रटा करैं, निस दिन साधुन संग।
कहु धौं कौन कुफेर तें, नाहीं लागत रंग।।

साधुओं के साथ नियमित संगत करने और रात दिन भगवान का नाम जाप करते हुए भी उसका रंग इसलिये नहीं चढ़ता
क्योंकि आदमी अपने अंदर के विकारों से मुक्त नहीं हो पाता।