Shri 108 Swami Charan Dass Brahamchari Ji Maharaj

Swami Charan Dass Brahamchari Ji Maharaj was the successor of Swami Sant Ram ji and he came to “Ram Pur Dham” on 7th April, 1959. At that time construction of Kutia wale temple was already completed. You took responsibility of this holy pilgrimage by taking blessings and diksha from Shri Swami Sant Ram ji Maharaj.

For 12 years, from year 1960 to 1971, you never wore shoes and completed your fast of not consuming wheat. During this time due to poverty, you did lot of hardwork with your hands. With the inspiration from Satgurudev Shri Sant Ram ji, you got printed books like Ratan Sagar, Shri Darbar Sahib, Satguru ji da Jeewan Charitar etc. You distributed these books free of cost amongst followers at that time.

You were party to the purchase of all the property of this Dham. In year 1982, you formed a Trust named ”Braham Sagar Sant Charan Trust (Regd.)” and you transferred the property of this Dham to the Trust. You printed Satguru Shri Garib Dass ji Maharaj’s “Amrit mye Vani” and also arranged functions and events of “Ekotariyan” seven times. You also contributed for the service of ”Shri Chhudani Dham”. You got built Swami Sant Ram ji Maharaj’s Smadhi, Langar Hall, Diwan Hall. You also got built a big gate on the Main Road in the memory of “Satguru” ji. Rooms for the stay of common and needy people were also built during this time. Besides this a Government Charitable Dispensary for animals was also opened at this place. You also got lit a “Akhand Jyoti” of desi ghee in “Kutiya Wale Tapsthan”.

On October 2002, you contributed on a big scale for development of Swami Braham Sagar ji Bhuri Wale’s “Tap Sthan” at Kailpur [Ludhiana] and also lit “Akhand Jyoti”. You helped in construction of Tap Sthan, Diwan Hall, Langar Hall, Rooms, Boundry wall and Main Gate at Kailpur.

On 18 February 2004, you laid foundation stone of Satguru Avtar Sthan Ram Pur Dham. The construction was completed within one year and the Akhand Jyoti was lit on 10th May 2005. You started Sahib ji ki Amritmye Vani da Lariwar Akhand Path programe. You completed 108 Akhand Paths bhog in 108 days. On 27th August 2005, at this place in Chubara Sahib you started weekly “Sehaj Path” in the memory of Shri Satgurudev Braham Sagar ji Bhuriwale.

In this way you contributed 47 years of your life in the service of Satguru’s Darbar. You were the first President of ”Braham Sagar Sant Charan Trust (Regd.)”.

On 24th May, 2006 you completed your jewan yatra. Now in your memory, your followers arrange a grand function on this day every year. All followers carries your sweet memories in their heart.