Satguru Shri Braham Sagar Ji Bhuriwale Maharaj

Satguru Shri Braham Sagar Ji Bhuriwale Maharaj ka Avtar Sthan and Tap Sthan Shri Ram Pur Dham

On this place Shri Shri 1008 Shri Satgurudev Braham Sagar ji Bhuriwale was born in bhadhon month on Shri Krishan Janamasthami in year 1862 on 22 August, sambat 1919 on Wednesday morning in Poswal gotar. Smt. Bholi Devi and Sh. Veeru Ram were his mother and father. Before the birth of satgurudev ji, his mother used to have darshan of Lite [Jyoti] every day at her place. After his birth, satgurudev ji used to lit desi ghee jyoti every day in his home. Now at this place Akhand jyoti is going on.

Since his childhood to 21 years of age Satgurudev ji used to live at kutia wale mandir of this village most of the time. During his childhood Satgurudev ji used to call this place as “Dol wala wara”. Old people of that time used to say that most of the time they have seen the tiger doing parikarma around Satgurudev ji and many times a very strong beam of light around his body appeared. At this place, Satgurudev ji da Bal Awastha Tap Sthan has been established and Akhand jyoti is going on.

About at 21 years of age Satgurudev ji met his Gurudev Anant Vibushit Brahamveta Purush Shri Shri 1008 Shri Swami Dayanand ji Maharaj, in a jungle near Ropar and took Diksha from Guru ji. After adopting sanyas Satgurudev ji visited this village twice to meet his mother.

Ram Pur Dham Trust and all followers celebrate his Avtar Divas Samagam on Shri Krishan Janamastmi. On this day Sahib Bandi Chod Shri Garib Dass ji Maharaj di amrit mye vani de akhand paths are organized. Satgurudev ji is believed to be Avtar of Shri Garib Dass ji. You gave the title of Darbar Sahib to Sahib Ji Ki Amrit Mye Vani and initiated parampra of akhand path of this vani. You visited many places where at present Tap Sthans have been established. You united all the followers with the Satgurudev ji's Amrit mye vani’s and Sahibji ka sthan Shri Chhudani Dham.

Doing the great service to mankind, you left for heavevly abode in Sukalpakash Maghar ki dashmi, sambat 2004, 22nd December 1947, Tuesday at Jhalure Dham. At this place Nirvan Sthan has been constructed and every year Nirvan Divas is celebrated.