Sant Shri Amarnath Ji Maharaj

Sant Shri Amarnath ji Maharaj was born On 2nd April, 1934 in village Rupa (Dhareu), district Ludhiana. He was disciple of Param Pujya Shri Swami Sant Ram ji Maharaj. In your childhood days you got blessings from Shri Satguru Braham Sagar Bhuriwale ji Maharaj. You got diksha from Swami Sant Ram ji. In 1949, you started visiting this Dham. You were a govt. servant serving as fieldman at Suratgarh [Rajasthan]. Since your childhood you loved Shri Shri 108 Swami Sant Ram Ji Maharaj and were having full faith in Satguru Bhuriwale Maharaj ji.

You donated all your service earnings to this Dham. It was due to your motivation and inspiration that Swami Charan Dass Brahamchari ji Maharaj came to this Dham. You left your family and home in your prime age. In 1988, after retirement from job you came to Ram Pur Dham. You are still doing service of Ram Pur Dham.