About Us

From year 1919 to 1947, for 29 years Param Pujya Swami Shri Sant Ram Ji Maharaj served Satgurudev Bhuriwale ji and remained with him. During this time with the blessings of Satgurudev Bhuriwale Ji, he wrote copies of “Bani Shri Garib Dass Ji” in the form of Shri Granth Sahib. From year 1948 to 1973 for 25 years, he did “Tap” and “Bhajan” in Ram Pur Dham. He revealed Satguru ji’s Avtar Sthan and Tap Sthan to the Sangat. The present Shri Ram Pur Dham “Childhood Tap Sthan” and “Avtar Sthan” is all because of his efforts, Tap and Bhajan.

He entrusted the services of Avtar Sthan to his “Param Shisya” Swami Charan Dass Brahamchari Ji Maharaj and he served this “Avtar Dham” from year 1959 to 2006, for 47 years.

In year 1974 Param Pujya Swami Shri Darshan Dass ji Maharaj came to Ram Pur Dham after leaving his home. He dedicated his life in the service of his Guru and served this Dham with the co-operation of his Chachaguru Shri Sant Amarnath ji Maharaj and his Guru Bhai Swami Ratan Dass ji. At Present Pujya Swami Shri Darshan Dass ji is the president of “Braham Sagar Sant Charan Trust” and taking care of this Dham with the blessings of his Satguru.